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The Team.

Reconstruction was founded with the intention of assembling an unparalleled team of global coaches and therapeutic professionals.


Today we are proud to bring together a team of experts, who with their combined experience and fiery commitment, work hard to find solutions that work. 


We know that change is built with a strong team from the ground up, with the best results being those that last. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live free of the things that have been holding them back and we know this can be hard to achieve alone. 

Dane Ensley_edited.jpg




Dane Ensley is a leader in mental health coaching and founder of Reconstruction Unlimited. Ensley has worked as a coach for the world's leading interventionists and has traveled the world working with a broad spectrum of clients. 

Dane's encouraging attitude, patience and understanding has allowed him to carve a very distinct path in the wellness industry. His core belief that good things can be born form struggle, is both humbling and motivating. This ethos resonates with all that work with him. Dane truly believes that everything good that's ever happened to him, is a direct result of helping someone else. 

Sally Harrington



Permanently in the business of service to others, Sally Harrington brings her creativity, inclusivity, and passion to her leadership role at Reconstruction Unlimited. Sally earned her first-class midwifery degree and developed a focus in bereavement and birth trauma in the fields of obstetrics at Oxford Brooks University in England. She is committed to pursuing personal authenticity and advocates truth telling within her position as case manager. 


Joshua Holland is a wealth of experimental knowledge and wisdom. As a dedicated biohacker,

state of the art fitness trainer, holistic health coach and sports professional, he champions the philosophy of 'awareness through experience'. He has spent years consulting with professionals with the goals of building a vast well in which to draw from,  when evoking alignment of body, mind and spirit for his clients. Joshua brings his undeniable skillset to all phases of Reconstruction Unlimited's cases. 

Joshua Holland


Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan_edited.jpg


Lee Ryan works with Reconstruction Unlimited, coaching families and individuals in the pursuit of healthy and enriched lives.  Lee brings his passion in guiding and mentoring clients as they take action to free themselves form detrimental behavioural patterns. An encouraging environment, a forum for open and honest communication, regular exercise, sound diet and time for mindfulness, form the cornerstone fo Lee's approach. Lee speaks punjabi, loves boxing and is a former police officer. 


Paul White


Paul is a superstar when it comes to building the relationships necessary for the highly customized structures of support Reconstruction Unlimited offers. 

From his own experience, Paul has a deep understanding of the value in creating connections in recovery. He has a passion for optimizing and nurturing these connections, to give individuals and their families an enriched experience. With his previous professional experience in bespoke menswear Paul has an unwavering eye for detail. He oversees Reconstruction Unlimited’s business development endeavours in the UK and Europe creating ample resource for clients and providers. Paul loves engaging with the arts, designing and making clothes, music and furniture, alongside running a successful men’s mental health group in his hometown.

Let's talk.

The team at Reconstruction have been mentors, supporters and coaches for our college aged son for the last three years. Together, they have focused on his physical health, habits, emotional health, personal honesty and being more centered – with positive results.  Both during good times and stressful times, we view the Reconstruction team as a valuable and critical component helping our son achieve his full potential.  Both our son and we as his parents are very thankful to have them as part of the family team.

Thomas, Seattle.

Dane and the Reconstruction crew came into my life around two years ago. I had relapsed after many years clean and they represented the first glimmer of hope . Dane gave me my faith back and he literally kept me alive. His professionalism is outstanding, however what is more impressive is his ability to make you realise who you really are and how to get closer to that self. I will be forever grateful for the work Reconstruction has done with me. I am now 2 years clean and sober.

Frank, London

Reconstruction's methods of coaching vary from one-to-one recovery sessions to helping set personal health and fitness goals. The routines and techniques are tailored to their clients' individual requirements. Reconstruction's reliability is unfaltering and  empathetic disposition is a continuous comfort. I am seeing steady, positive progress and growth in every part of my partner. We are both lucky to have Reconstruction in our lives.

Victoria, Los Angeles

“I have known and worked closely with Dane for a number of years. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. I have always found Dane to be professional, ethical and responsive. He has been easy to collaborate with and has come up with client centred and creative solutions to sometimes very complex situations or clinical presentations. Of equal importance is the fact that I have never had anything but praise from clients I have referred to Dane or from their families. I have been working internationally in the behavioural health field for over 20 years and can say he is a rare gem.”

Johan Sorensen

Founder of Portobello Behavioural Health, London, UK

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