We believe those with complex internal struggles deserve a personal and custom approach to their treatment. We are renowned for combining innovative techniques, creative problem solving and the expertise of leading professionals in the recovery 
and wellness sectors.  

Our process is straightforward. We begin with a comprehensive and personal discovery meeting to create an informed structure to the process. Our project managers then create a specialized set of recommendations and organize a multi-faceted team of therapeutic professionals best suited to a client’s requirements.

Excited by the advancement of treatments and therapies, we are passionate about approaching each client's needs with creativity and flexibility. 

Reconstruction Unlimited endeavors to incorporate not only the most effective, but also the most advanced treatments available. Acknowledging first and foremost, that the evolution of our clients is more than just their struggles. 

Mental Health Coaching

We offer one on one support to those needing comprehensive help. We provide constant motivation for clients to change and make positive choices in their lives. We approach each case with an open mind, offering a wealth of expertise to facilitate a dynamic and personal experience. 

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A fully comprehensive service organized in an effort to create radical change in a client's life. Creating a positive and healthy environment to inspire change and promote growth in a safe setting. We provide an experience tailored to the needs of each client, with our trained experts on hand every step of the way.

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Case Management

Providing a specialised structure and support for clients before, during and after treatment and rehabilitation. We plan, implement, co-ordinate, monitor and then evaluate, the options and services required to meet an individuals needs. 

We pride ourselves on a sensitive and personal approach
to every case.   

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A consultation with Reconstruction Unlimited will include a full review of a client's history and an evaluation of their goals.

This allows us to create an appropriate program or treatment recommendations, tailored specifically to a client's needs. 

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